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Our portfolio includes a number of tenant spaces for private and government sectors and select renovations and equipment replacements for Class A office buildings


Tenant Work Greater than 100,000 sqft


National Labor Relations Board: 150,000 sqft

DC Board of Elections and Department of General Services: 165,000 sqft

National Institutes of Health: 100,000 sqft


Tenant Work Less than 100,000 sqft


Hudson Institute: 25,000 sqft

Financial Services Institute: 25,000 sqft

Public Services Commission: 35,000 sqft

USAC: 50,000 sqft


Government Tenant Work


GSA: 150,000 sqft for National Labor Relations Board

GSA: 35,000 sqft for Public Services Commission

GSA: 100,000 sqft for National Institutes of Health


Renovations and Equipment Replacements


801 Market Square Conference Center

801 Market Square Roof Deck

555 Eye St Cooling Tower Replacement

1201 Pennsylvania HVAC upgrades

Alexander Court Spec Suites

Flour Mill Boiler Replacement

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